NG4access – Fiber Optic Distribution Platform

Industry Leading Termination Density from Commscope (formerly T.E. Connectivity)

The NG4 access Optical Distribution Frame provides fiber termination density and outstanding circuit accessibility. It delivers equal front and rear technician access, the ability to mix-and-match fiber connector types within each frame chassis, and industry-leading termination density.

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Key Benefits

  • Ultra dense yet easy access to all cables and connectors for rapid routing and connection, turn-ups, and maintenance
  • Reduced bend-radius fiber lowers attenuation caused from tight bends and frequent handling
  • MPO module accepts LC-24 or SC-12 connectors and features a low-loss MPO connector for easy connections
  • Build-as-you-grow fiber capacity

NG4 Universal Chassis

  • 5RU chassis
  • 576 LC or 288 SC terminations
  • Includes 24 access trays. 
  • The access trays pull open and lock in place for easy access to the connectors.

NG4 Frame

  • The abundant trough space minimizes fiber pileup and congestion, leading to easier jumper traceability and removal.
  • Holds 6 NG4 Universal Chassis
  • Designed to accommodate 3456 LC terminations


Up to 24 LC or 12 SC Connectors per CMOD

Configurations Include

  • Pre-Terms
  • DWDM (Up to 40 Ch )
  • BWDM
  • CoreWave 2 and 3 WDMs
  • MPO Breakout
  • Patch and Splice

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