E20/20 “Step” TDR

CATV OSP & Premis Fault Locating

  • Step Technology = NO Dead Zones
  • Trace Storage
  • Includes PC Software

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  • Ranges: from 0-10 to 20,000 feet
  • No dead zone on any range setting
  • Cable List with 64 cable types
  • Range Zoom on Cursor
  • Impedance zoom using Z Scale
  • Cursor reading to ± . inch using Zoom
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Cell phone style alpha-numeric entry pad
  • Keypad LED indicators for active function
  • Setup Wizard – step by step start up
  • Cable toning – coax or twisted pair
  • Stores 32 traces with name, date & time
  • Rechargeable NiMH AA cells included
  • ETDR PC Vision software included
  • Field replaceable F connector


  • Coax and twisted pair testing using same TDR
  • Accurate and clearer trace indication of faults
  • More advanced features to aid troubleshooting
  • Save, upload, and email traces
  • Find faults other TDR’s miss
  • Clear trouble more quickly with less testing
  • Upload, download, and customize cable lists
  • Saved traces are also saved setups for recall
  • Shows reverse ingress or cable signal
  • TDR frequency does not interfere with cable signal
  • Isolate drop or pairs quickly using Tone function
  • Setup Wizard makes training interactive
  • “Belt Friendly” size and weight

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