Galvanized Strand for Outside Plant Construction

  • 5000′ ¼ Inch EHS Galvanized Strand Class A

  • 250′ ¼ Inch EHS Galvanized Strand

Key Benefits

  • Easy access to all cables and connectors for rapid routing and connection, turn-ups, and maintenance
  • Reduced bend-radius fiber lowers attenuation caused from tight bends and frequent handling
  • MPO module accepts LC-24 or SC-12 connectors and features a low-loss MPO connector for easy connections
  • Build-as-you-grow fiber capacity
  • Now available featuring Quareo technology

NG4 Universal Chassis

NG4-CH100000 Universal Chassis 

  • 7” chassis
  • Holds up 576 LC or 288 SC terminations
  • Includes 24 access trays. 
  • The access trays pull open and lock in place for easy access to the connectors.

NG4 Empty Frame

NG4-FR1000000 NG4 Empty Frame

  • The abundant trough space minimizes fiber pileup and congestion, leading to easier jumper traceability and removal.
  • Holds 6 NG4 Universal Chassis
  • Designed to accommodate 3456 LC terminations


 NG 4 MUX.

8 Channel CWDM

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