Scalable Power Supplies for Cable MSOs 

The most cost-effective powering platform on the market today.

From Subway systems to intersections, Myers is a world leader in power products. Right size your power supply with Meyers scalable system and actualize ROI. Stop losing heat and overpaying the electric company — and cut your batteries quantity in half. 

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Key Benefits

  • Scalable Standby Power Supply System
  • Allows Scaling of Cost / Capability to Power Being Consumed
  • Small Model: 2 A, 4 A & 6 A at 87 V with 12 V Battery Bus (1 Battery)
  • Medium Model: 9 A  &  12 A at 87 V with 24 V Battery Bus (2 Batteries)
  • Large Model: 15 A  &  18 A at 87 V with 36 V Battery Bus (3 Batteries)
  • Returns Significant Savings in Power, Deployment, Batteries & Enclosures
  • Ferro-Resonant Design Provides Voltage Regulation & Short Circuit Protection
  • Printed Circuit Board with Conformal Coating
  • Embedded HMS / DOCSIS Transponder