Triveni Digital – StreamScope Portable MPEG analyzers

  • High definition touch screen.
  • Real-time, RTP rule-based MPEG analyzer handles multiple transport stream inputs simultaneously.

With pinpoint accuracy – 

  • checks video and audio quality
  • tracks standards compliance
  • pinpoints metadata problems, and more.

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Key Benefits

  • Analyze and troubleshoot QAM, ASI, GigE, 8-VSB, and SMPTE-310 inputs
  • Monitor 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet interfaces simultaneously
  • Record transport streams and logs
  • Verify PSIP/ PSI cross-table consistency
  • View real-time and average audio loudness levels
  • Check dial norms and trigger recordings for CALM Act compliance
  • Reduce synchronization jitters with PCR analysis
  • View EPG data sets and errors
  • Decode and verify closed captioning
  • Network with StreamScope analyzers and monitors for complete coverage